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  • How to re-train your brain to make your weight loss permanent

During my 65 pound weight loss, I researched this food protocol and intermittent fasting thoroughly and everything I learned made a ton of sense.  There are some very simple concepts about weight loss that we’ve gotten wrong all these years!  When I realized this and started acting on what I’d learned, the weight started coming off. 

If you’re like me you’ve probably lost weight many times, so you know many ways to do it.  The difference with this protocol and fasting is that you can easily fit them into your lifestyle, both during weight loss and once you’re at goal weight.  It’s a natural, healthy way to eat foods our bodies were designed to use as fuel. 

So I made this booklet to help as many people as possible lose weight and get healthy for good.  Please go ahead – download your free copy and start your last weight loss journey today.