What Has Your Brain Got Against Weight Loss?

What Has Your Brain Got Against Weight Loss?

I know this sounds strange, but your brain is actually wired against losing weight. There’s a very important, primitive part of us that’s programmed to eat and rest for survival. And that brain wiring is what’s making it so much harder to lose weight now that food is so abundant in modern life.

It used to be when I had a bad day, I’d eat chips. When I had a great day, I’d celebrate with cookies. When I was tired, I’d allow myself to skip yoga. Then I’d wonder why in the world I’d do this when what I really wanted was to lose weight!! When I realized my survival instinct was actually working against me, that’s when things began to shift. Don’t get me wrong – the survival instinct is important, it’s served humans well for ages. But let me tell you how it interfered with my weight loss attempts and what it means for you, too.

Think back to caveman days, our brains would flood with dopamine (a feel good chemical) whenever we would:
• Avoid pain – run away from a lion or avoid the edge of a cliff
• Seek pleasure – eat food or have sex
• Preserve energy – rest or sleep

But think about what happens in this modern age when we still have that same wiring and dopamine reward:
• Avoid pain – numb negative feelings with food or alcohol
• Seek pleasure – eat junk food, over drink, binge watch TV
• Preserve energy – drive when we could walk, use elevators, sit on the couch for hours each day

What was designed to save us is now literally killing us! No wonder so many diets and resolutions fail – our brains are still trying to get us to eat more and rest more! We need to understand this fact and learn to train our brains to respond differently to have any hope of permanent success. This is a key part of weight loss coaching – observing your thoughts about food to figure out what’s preventing you from losing weight permanently.

Coaching and following a simple food protocol worked so well for me that I quit my career in analytics to become a weight loss coach so I can teach it to as many others as possible. I’ve lost 65 pounds on this program and if this is something you really want, I’d love to help you reach your goals, too. My program fits easily into your life and will give you the one thing you’ve never gotten from any diet – freedom from harmful brain chatter and permanent weight loss at last!

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