Refuse to be Confused!

Refuse to be Confused!

Telling yourself you don’t know only ensures that you won’t know. It’s a brain stopper. Your brain will not work on finding the answer if you’ve already told it the answer is not there.

Our brains like to be right, they continually work to find proof of the things you believe. If you think today is a bad day, your brain will spend the rest of the day showing you examples of how that’s true. If you think math is too hard for you, your brain will struggle when you attempt math.

The next time you hear yourself say “I don’t know”, stop and think for a minute. Do you really not know? Is it possible for you to figure it out? This is something I work with my clients on all the time. Quite often when they’re able to quiet their minds, they actually do know what to do – and it’s such a nice surprise! But when they’re really stuck, I recommend pretending for a minute they’re someone that does know how to solve whatever it is. Imagine what that person might do and make a list of all the things that come to mind. And then try them! But most importantly, give your brain the option of knowing and of being able to figure it out.

So my question for you is: Why can’t you lose weight? Did you just think “I don’t know”?!? If so and you ever want to lose weight, please change your thought to something more like “I can learn how to lose weight” or “I know what to do, I just need to figure out why I don’t do it”. These statements will intrigue your brain, opening it up to finding solutions instead of shutting it down to continue living in the same frustrating state of not knowing why you can’t lose weight. You know?!?

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